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Thick Black Diary in One Hand

Today also, have a meeting with many people. Many parts of our works require team efforts. Require to listen to others and balance out each other’s ideas. Notes and diaries are always next to us to record these ideas, besides various digital devices.

This rectangular-shaped diary, can be held in one hand, is designed to emphasize the natural texture of paper. The bold image of the diary, coming from its color, black, reminds of us, highly valuing the insight and concept.

Sometimes, Ideas of others experienced while flipping over pages can be inspiring. Sharing thoughts with those who stay in the same space for 365 days can be another pleasure.

It is constructed with a calendar, for sorting out a schedule, and 416 note pages suitable for 365 days. Since it is made with thick paper, they won’t change its shape over time, but still allow us to feel the flow of time with natural wrinkles on paper.

We want to add a little bit of values to our daily necessities to add a bit of shine to our days.