Body Matter Starts


We are preparing to recruitment who will be join us in a new beginning.

  • We are recruiting UX consultants based on research and UX Strategy.

    VInylC UX consulting group has been consulting in a variety of areas and is looking for a new family.

    Employment type

    - Full-Time(3 months of the verification period required)

    Recruitment Area

    - UX Consultant
    (Develop the empirical strategies of digital products via a range of UX design methodologies)


    - At least 2 years of experience in the field (including the research experience)


    - Experience of implementation of user surveys such as IDI, FGI/D, Shadowing, etc.
    - Highly concentrated desk researches including UI/UX trends analysis and case studies.
    - Design of wireframe, information structure, and user flow. Production and verification of prototypes.
    - Understanding of UX strategies and relevant methodologies including service design methodologies


    - Experience in the personalization design through GA Analysis or scoring-based algorithm
    - Experience in digital product projects
    - Majored in UI design or relevant subjects
    - Experience in data crawling and analysis using R, Python, and others.
    - Experience in advertisement and marketing
    - Capable of communicating in English

    Welfare Benefits of VinylC

    - Optional welfare points equivalent to 500,000 won a year
    - 1 million won travel expense and reward vacation for 5-year employee (45 people)
    - 5 million won incentive and reward vacation for 10-year employees (11 people)
    - Complimentary fitness center for healthcare support
    - New employee training (OJT) and job skill improvement training
    - Support for the cost of health checkup for family happiness (35 years old or older - equivalent to 300,000 won)
    - A hearty card and gift certificate for the second family's birthday (100,000 won)
    - Program for improving teamwork through cultural activities (vinyl house - once a month)
    - 5-day work week / 4 major insurance / annual leave/ parental leave
    - Sincere mentoring of directors and managers who are doing their best to grow together

    For your reference

    - The recruiting process may change due to schedule and/or circumstance.
    - The recruiting process may terminate early upon completion of recruiting.
    - The interview schedule shall be notified individually to the corresponding candidate only.
    - If there is a false information in the application, the employment may be canceled.

    Please register your application as follows.

    - Self-introduction and portfolio are mandatory.
    - Document Screening > First Interview > Second Interview (Executive) if necessary > Final Announcement
    - For any inquiries about recruitment, please email us (
    - Please click the following link and apply directly at Job Korea or other job sites.

    Beyond the paradigm of UX, you define the experience you need through of listening to the voice of the real user.

    Ga Jaedeock

    UX Consultant

    ux consultant