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Vinyl Co., Ltd. Founded on May 9, 2000

May 09, 2000

Four colleagues (Cho Hong-Rae, Park Young-Min, Jung Jae-Kyung, and Moon Jin-Young) of Samsung Design Membership came together and found Creative Studio Vinyl.

We have confidence in the changes of life that design can bring and values of design. We are all aware that it is important to offer a wider range of outcomes by integrating designs with diverse technology domains. The design market has been started to shift from analogue to digital, and as the technologies and users’ experiences become more important, it is the time to redefine the traditional role of design.

We believe that the essence of design lies on the minimization of inconveniences experienced by users or consumers through various medias, and the creation of unique image for each brand that matches the era we are living in.

Since we can offer a variety of digital UX/U, video graphic, interaction, brand, publication, character, and exhibition design, we are certain that Vinyl could be your perfect companion if you are willing to create a new image for the market and communicate with the market through that image.