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Vinyl Co., Ltd. Implementing the Individual Division-Representation System

May 01, 2007

To cope with rapid changes in the market and have a better business performance via the efficient organization operation, Vinyl Co., Ltd. (Cho Hong-Rae, Park Young-Min, Gwak Seung-Hoon) has decided to have a representative for each business division.

It has been agreed that the business divisions will share the basic direction for digital creative while accelerating the specialization of each area and creating a growth model for the digital agency market to promote collaborative works between the divisions.

Three business divisions – VinylC for the digital channel-service convergence market (convergence business division. Representative : Park Young-Min), Vinyl for the specialization in digital marketing (interactive business division. Representative: Cho Hong-Rae), and VinylX (user experience business division. Representative: Gwak Seung-Hoon) – will have independent representatives for each own.

We are certain about the growth of the digital creative market in Korea. We believe that it is a necessary choice to cope with rapid changes in the digital culture and environment, and it would be a new business model that is suitable for digital convergence. Vinyl will continue to challenge itself to offer more diverse digital creative products.