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VinylC, Established the Standard System of Mobile Apps of NH Finance

Oct 18, 2018

VinylC newly established the UI/UX standard system for mobile apps of NH Finance.

NH Finance, which we experienced, was the brand of which unique philosophy and image were stronger than expected. However, while introducing various services, developed due to the rapid changes in technologies and expansion of the mobile finance, the brand communication policies became complicated and they somewhat failed to earn empathy of its new user group in their 20s~30s. Therefore, VinylC came up with the policies and guidelines that could bring together the emotions of the new era and the tradition and original images of NH Finance.


On the 18th, NH Finance announced that it established the mobile app user interface/user experience (UI · UX) standard system’, which now enables to provide the simple and consistent user experiences.

The mobile app UI · UX standard system refers to the establishment of a standard guideline common to every affiliate of NH Finance so they can share the standard design and menu configurations, information layout, and mobile screens. It was promoted to eliminate the inconvenience of the customers such as different menu configurations between apps caused by the absence of the standard guideline from the group level. The icons, colors, fonts, and others are also standardized to enhance the brand identity as well as customer convenience. NH Finance organized the TF composed of hands-on workers of the divisions of bank, credit card, life insurance, non-life insurance, and central bank mutual finance for this project. Based on the standard guideline established through this project, NH Finance Mobile App will be further analyzed and diagnosed and then, improved.

In addition, NH Finance will focus on securing the user convenience by pre-examining newly developed or upgraded mobile apps of its affiliates so that standard guideline can be adhered to. In particular, it is planning to integrate integrate mobile apps such as smart banking, financial product market, retirement pension, and smart certification in connection with the integrated smart banking project, which will be released in December.

Kim Kwang-soo, a chairman of the Nonghyup Financial Group, emphasized that "all affiliates need to provide easy and convenient digital innovation services that are customer-oriented."