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Korea Fintech Week 2019 - Producing mPOP service video for Samsung Securities

Jun 04, 2019

VinylC has released a new mPOP video from Samsung Securities through Korea Fintech Week 2019.

The three-day "Korea FinTech Week 2019" held at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) from May 23 is an event where you can experience the global fintech trend and the present and future of Korea's fintech industry. Samsung Securities Co. drew the attention of many people who visited the event by unveiling its mPOP at Korea Fintech Week 2019. Samsung Securities mPOP service allows one-stop lookup of account opening, domestic stock, overseas stock, financial instrument trading and asset management.

We have noted that we analyze the stock trading of customers using Samsung Securities mPOPs and visualize AI stock recommendation services that recommend and offer items that suit their tastes quickly and easily. By providing video with service flow, we emphasized optimal trading convenience that allows us to look up information and order with minimal touch.

Based on his experience with various services, Vinal will continue to expand his business into UX design strategy and diverse branding and video content production through digital production focused on user experience through convergence between the technology industry and creative.