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3rd VinylConference on UX Design and Data, Changes and Unchanged

Jul 11, 2019

The VinylC held its third conference on the 10th.

The conference invited Lee Ji-hyun, a professor of industrial design at Seoul Women's University, to share a case on research methodology with UX Driven under the theme of "UX Design and Data, Changes and Things That Don't Change."

"As the UX market changes, research methods are constantly evolving." said Professor Lee Ji-hyun. "It is time for us to implement UX Metrics that is complete rather than just collecting information." "We recommend using a variety of solutions for effective data analysis," he said. "Because data will change the direction of user segment analysis and improvement of UX UI, it is important to use appropriate platforms."

"The client's perspective and needs are changing as the market and environment change," VinylC said. "We continue to make efforts to understand and adapt to these changes. "We hope that VinalConference, which shares a variety of external perspectives and experiences, will be a new impetus for all of our executives and employees," he said.

Meanwhile, on July 26, the fourth conference will be held under the theme of "How you Work in Startups and Culture," inviting the senior Han Myung-soo, an elegant brother, to attend.