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12 Years at Google Listening to Creative Lead Kim Sunkwan of Google - 5th VinylConference

Aug 21, 2019

VinylC held its 5th conference on August 13.

The conference invited Google's creative leader Kim Sun-kwan to give a lecture on the nature of creative and experience culture under the theme "12 Years in Google."

"The 12 years in Google have been an opportunity to experience new cultures and meet various people," said Kim Sunkwan, the leader of the group, stressing that a good design should be easy to understand and be able to empathize with others. "Designers should be able to communicate in a variety of ways, including painting, language, music and movements, although it is important to do so.

By inviting outside lecturers who have influence in various fields, VinylC is increasing its understanding of the changing market by providing opportunities to share diverse perspectives and experiences. It will continue to introduce internal education programs aimed at motivating internal executives and employees and promoting shared growth.