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VinylC is expanding its business area by strengthening the market led by front-end development.

Sep 06, 2019

VinylC (CEO Park Young-min) implemented reorganization on Sept. 2 to strengthen expertise in the development market led by front-end development through integration of technology development organizations. (From the left, the photo is taken by Kim Doo-il, head of the Front End Development Group, Park Bong-il, head of the Backend Development Group, Hwang Bo-seon, head of the Technology Development Division, and Choi Jin-hyuck, head of the Front End Development Group.)

Today's web has turned into a Web application that does dynamic and numerous data processing, not a simple, static web. As Cloud is spreading, it is going beyond IaaS and PaaS to Serverless and is evolving into an environment where users can focus on business logic by utilizing APIs.

Development methods have also increased the use of client side rendering (CSR) using Javascript framework such as React, Vue.js, and Angular in the way they created pages with template engines such as traditional JSPs. The framework will enable SPA development, resulting in many benefits, including consistent application performance and development, shorter development windows, and reduced infrastructure costs.

In addition, at this point in time when mobile is central, the reduction and speed of traffic, as well as improved usability and responsiveness, are directly linked to improved user experience (UX). Based on his capacity to develop the Javascript framework in the front and back-end development areas and his concerns and achievements in the development process, Bainal will maximize his advanced development capabilities and synergies through the integration of the two development headquarters (front-end, back-end).

Through this reorganization, VinylC has five business characteristics: digital consulting (investigation/ strategy/BX, UX/design), digital convergence (service building/UX/design), digital Gross (service improvement/addition/operating/activation strategy), digital creative (UX/UI/BX/activation strategy), and digital creative (Digital Creative) (Back end Design Technology)

VinylC's technology development business division aims to strengthen its competitiveness in the market by enhancing research on future technological capabilities and leading sales capabilities in the changing service development environment centered on UX.

Designing the most useful experience for corporate customers and users, VinylC continues to strive to maintain high quality in the digital production market for the 19 years since its inception.