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A Start of Healthy Communication, Hana Financial Group

Oct, 2012
Hana Financial Group
In-Depth Interview, UX Concept Building, UI Concept Building, User Flow, Lo-Fi Prototyping, Wireframing, UI Design
HTML5, CSS, Web/App Accessibility, SEO

The direction for renewal of the website was to maximize its brand identity and image by considering the disadvantaged and emphasizing healthy finance and healthy communication.
Despite of its enhanced reputation after acquisition of KEB, still its brand image had not been enhanced. Therefore, under the specific vision of Hana Financial Group, to be one of global top 50, we were aiming to express the image of healthy communication. As part of this effort, for the purpose of communicating with all members of the society, the acquisition of the web accessibility certification of the Human Rights Forum for the Disabled was included in the goals of the renewal.

We concluded that the very basic factor of healthy communication is usability. No matter how important the information is, it will not be delivered at low usability. The communication between a customer and HANA in the same language was considered to be the foundation for healthy communication. For this, The Anti-Discrimination Act was fully complied in construction and operation of this website; we were not only doing it to acquire the certification, but full compliance was our goal. Main page was designed for each customer category, and the global navigation was strengthened further. For the accessibility and convenience of use for mobile devices, the UI was designed to have a proper operation with the touch-based devices.

The proper management and operation of the website are critical to have healthy communication with its customers. VinylC was not willing to have the site operate smoothly only at the time of the renewal. For this, we modularized the main page of the site and expanded the factors and elements that can be edited at the administrator’s page. Also, we added several online features to cope with issues, such as earning announcement and recruitment. We designed the site to be able to provide a user with the desired information in the accurate and fast manner.

What is healthy communication? We were willing to consider every type of communication between a customer and Hana, Hana and its subsidiary, Hana and people willing to work for Hana, and Hana and potential investors. First of all, we tried to establish a design guide for future websites of Hana, followed by a thorough review. The linkage with SNS, and space for its subsidiaries were only few of our efforts to show our sincerity to express the sincerity of Hana.

Who will visit the website of Hana Financial Group? Supporting the visitors to fulfill their purposes of visit would be the one and only role of the branding site? VinylC and Hana came together to find answers for these questions. We did not think that it would be possible to build a brand only with certain images, certain roles, or certain texts. We directly conducted a test using a reader. Through this test, we investigated the proper amount and speed of texts for users visiting the website. We really wanted to provide the foundation for healthy communication. There is no point for satisfaction in any project, but still we tried to reach the level where we could be proud of ourselves.


  • Project Manager

    Jo Jinhui

    Creative Director

    Kim Minjung

    UX Designer

    Ga Jaedeok, Lee Jiyeon

  • UI Designer

    Jo Soomin, Gang Inhui, Bae Uiseok, Lee Suhye

    Front-end Developer

    Lee Suyeon