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Modern Premium Where The Experience Contents of the Brand are Transmitted Through the Users’ Five Senses

May, 2014
Hyundai Motor Company
In-Depth Interview, UX Concept Building, UI Concept Building, User Flow, Lo-Fi Prototyping, Wireframing, UI Design
HTML5, CSS, Web/App Accessibility, SEO, jQuery, Java, Tibero

By adding look & feel of modern premium onto various brand activities, its digital experiences were created, and we were trying to support Hyundai Motors to have sincere communication with its customers.

Although minimalism is the latest trend, we considered the new and efficient operation rather than just simplicity. We focused on the construction of UI/UX with stories so customers could have indirect experiences with multimedia information. Our core strategy was to provide information in the simpler, easier, and more attractive manner, even with a single picture.

In case of ‘by.SENSE Channel’, its brand contents were categorized into SEE, HEAR, TOUCH, and TASTE so customers could feel such contents using the named sense.

Along with the SNS sharing for consumption/spreading of its brand contents, the search optimization was executed.

As with other projects requiring flexible layouts, it required elaborate design and well-defined guideline suitable for various devices. By applying the modular design, adopted for solving an issue of the degree of freedom of the CMS, we managed to cope with the complicated design requirements.


  • Project Manager

    Choi Seungil

    Creative Director

    Hyeon Sunmi

    UX Designer

    Kim Youna, Jeong Eunhye, Jang Taeyeon, Kim Narang, Jang Dongmun, Jeong Nari, Ha Heonju

    UI Designer

    Oh Gyeongjun, Kim Mirae, Choe Seongyu, Min Jiyoung, Han Yungyeong, Lee Ji hyun, Nam Youngseon

  • Front-end Developer

    Chae Gyeonghui, Seo Younggyo, Bang Daejong, Lee Jungmin, Choe Daejin, Kang Taejin, Kim Jeonggi, Kim Seungil, Kim Duil

    Interaction Designer

    Lee Jaeho, Yu Jeongseon