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Vehicle Ordered Online Delivered Home – Hyundai Capital Certified Used Car Online Store

Jan, 2018
Hyundai Capital
In-Depth Interview, UX Concept Building, User Flow, Lo-Fi Prototyping, Wireframing, UI Design, Sketch
HTML5, CSS, CSS Preprocessor, Web/App Accessibility, SEO, Kotlin, Ionic

It is a used car store that is certified as Hyundai's Neptune and can be found and purchased on a one-stop basis by searching a wide range of vehicles that consumers want. This is my own dealer service that provides visualised vehicle information and guides me through payment safely.


  • Project Manager

    Lee Junghun

    Creative Director

    Kim Youngsun

    UX Designer

    Woo Misuk, Son Moonsuk, Kim Migyeong

    UI Designer

    Park Joohyun, Park Yeonghwa, Choe Wonyeong, Kang Areum, Gwon Yohan

  • Back-end Developer

    Seo Youngkyo, Lim Donggu, Jung Eunseon, Joo Jinyong, Park Giwan, Kim Duil

    Interaction Designer

    Kim Gisang, Yoo Jungsun