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Hyundai Motor’s Global Value Integrated Online Platform for Domestic Commercial Vehicle Customers

Jan, 2018
Hyundai Motor Company
In-Depth Interview, UX Concept Building, UI Concept Building, User Flow, Lo-Fi Prototyping, Wireframing, UI Design, Sketch
HTML5, CSS, CSS Preprocessor, Web/App Accessibility, SEO, Java, Spring Framework, Oracle, MySQL/MariaDB

We intended to create the value integrated online platform that can raise the reliability of the brands of Hyundai Motors and can provide consistent services, in turn leading to the actual purchase of its product.

According to the AISAS rules, the online purchase decision making process connects the brand value of a company, the technology value of a product, and the sustainable value of a service, thereby providing a consistent brand experience.

By implementing the UX that explores the products suitable for the business purpose of a customer, the customer can easily and quickly access to the desired product and information.

It has been designed as the one-source structure considering the usability of customers using a wide range of devices to access, including mobile devices to PC.

As the first platform where commercial vehicles can be purchased, the identity of commercial vehicles has been applied onto the site. Moreover, communication with customers is also allowed.

With the showroom-like UI structure, it shows the products and components in details, and its readability has been enhanced by using a variety of optimized UI designs.

By developing the design guide reflecting the unique design philosophy and aesthetics of Hyundai Motors for its commercial vehicles, we are trying to raise its brand value and make it a proper independent channel for communication.


  • Project Manager

    Choi Seungil

    Creative Director

    Jin sujin

    UX Designer

    Lee Yongju, Jo Yunsang, Yu Gyeonggu

    UI Designer

    Lee Chan, Kim Hyeri, Yang Jiseon, Lee Yunjeong

  • Front-end Developer

    Seo Youngkyo, Choi Seungjun, Na Aeyeong

    Back-end Developer

    Kim Duil, Kim Seungil, Lee Jungwoo, Kim Namgyu

    Interaction Designer

    Kim Gisang, Yoo Jungsun