Body Matter Starts

Careers Detail

That’s how we support passion.

We do not think we offer a lot. However, we truly wish that our sincere and caring benefits could help our crews even for a bit.

Many of our crews are working with us for a long period. We would like to express our gratitude for those seeking for opportunities in VinylC. We are always trying to find our way to express such gratitude in the sincere manner.

We root for healthy thoughts. We are not doing a sprint and our goal is at a place further and higher. Therefore, we have to support each other in a long race and take a break and give a look around.

We need moments to entertain ourselves in everyday life. With the vinyl house that supports cultural life once a month, we offer an opportunity to have fun with colleagues. Happy time with a family is the most precious and we offer welfare points with which the family could enjoy various refresh activities.

Above all, the process of working must be enjoyable. We strive to respect each crew’s value of life and to support it in accordance with the changes and trends of the time.