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Skin Launcher Ad Platform of Jaeil Worldwide Inc. for Listening and Enjoying Music

Feb, 2012
UX Concept Building, UI Concept Building, UI Design
Objective-C, Android

This project was to develop the skin launcher application to be installed with “Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 Global Tour Concert’. Its first mission was to express the branding of Big Bang, making a comeback, through the skin launcher, and the second mission was to establish the brand skin launcher AD platform of Cheil Worldwide through the skin launcher.

Basic features of the mobile lock screen were developed by combining various gestures and technologies. Through various efforts, including voice inactivation, we realized the bi-directional lock screen application.

The alarm app provides various ways of releasing an alarm, such as listening to a hit song of each member, to entertain their fans.

The visual concept was designed considering the concept of Galaxy S3, released during that period, and the comeback concept of Bing Bang.

We established the new UI structure using various tools and methodologies exclusive for the brand skin app, breaking the basic skin launcher style of the android OS environment.


  • Project Manager

    Kim Sangkyung

    Creative Director

    Yang Myeonggyu

    UX Designer

    Bak Jaeseung, Kim Hyonhui

    UI Designer

    Lee soyun

  • Back-end Developer

    Nam Giuk, Jeong Jinseop

    Interaction Designer

    Lee Jaeho, Kim Gisang