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Smart TV UX for Searching the Preferred Products and Focusing on the Essence of Search

Jan, 2014
In-Depth Interview, UX Concept Building, UI Concept Building, User Flow, Lo-Fi Prototyping, Hi-Fi Prototyping, Wireframing, UI Design, Sketch
Web/App Accessibility

TV has become a smart box that can use various features, including applications, web surfing, VOD, SNS, and game, by allowing an internet connection.

We eliminated all the applications and TV menus, filling up the screen upon turning on and provided the simple text-based home menu.

The previous VOD list was uniform, but in the enhanced UI, VOD lists are offered in various designs, reflecting the needs of not only its customer, but also the service provider.

There is a limit to the personalized TV service since there are usually multiple members in one household. It could be very annoying for a user to enter its taste or to bring the information of the subscriber. In this project, we devised a service that recommends VODs based on the history of programs watched as well as matching among directors, actors, and genres.

The service was mapped onto the 4-directional key button of the remote controller so contents could be navigated even while watching TV. Using the key button, it is possible to have a list of recommended VODs and highly popular contents for the channel watching.

Smart Record, an exclusive service of CJ Hello Vision, a cable service provider, allows its user to record a program without watching it. In consideration of such feature, we integrated a smart recording service in the design so its users can manually press the [Record] button on the remote controller to make a reservation for recording, or can have the automatic recording for TV series till its last episode.

Unlike the services of competitors, showing only the pre-set channels, its user is allowed to add 4 channels other than standard terrestrial TV channels, spots, and home shopping channels.

For over last 30 years, the most common behavior when watching TV is watching a movie or a movie that you want to watch on the sofa. No matter how hard TV service providers convince their users to Lean Forward (consuming TV contents aggressively), they are still likely to Lean Back (consuming TV contents passively). This project focused on making the user’s lean-back experience of watching TV as convenient as possible. It was led to the convenient operation of a TV screen and we continued the ideation for days and nights in order to have more easier TV operation with the limited features of the remote controller.
Since [4 directional key] is a more convenient and familiar TV control method than a touch pad and voice recognition, there were many limitations in UI planning. However, now that the smart TV is designed in integration with a smart phone, and the usability of smart TV is gradually changing. In the next project, we might have a chance to design the smart TV,


  • Project Manager

    Jeong Eungyeong

    Creative Director

    Yang Shinmoe

    UX Designer

    Im Jinhyeok, Park Gukhui, Park Jinnyeong, Park Jaeseung, Lee Eunhye, Seon Soyang

  • UI Designer

    Park Sukmi, Kim Bonam

    Interaction Designer

    Lee Jaeho