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Bill Letter for Providing Various Benefits Along with the Simple Flow Line

Jan, 2018
SK Telecom
UT, FGI, UX Concept Building, UI Concept Building, User Flow, Lo-Fi Prototyping, Hi-Fi Prototyping, Wireframing, UI Design, Sketch,, Zeplin
Web/App Accessibility

Bill Letter has re-defined ‘Bill’. It communicates with its users by devising a saving plan together and providing practical information. It has been transformed into an application for guiding your bills rather than a ‘bill’ itself.

Add emotions to its launch icon. “Collection = Bill + Integration” symbolizes an image of the collection of accurate information, straight-forward billing, and various bills. “Spectrum = Impressive Benefits + Light (Colot)” has been used along with vivid color and gradient to emphasize exclusive benefits of Bill Letter.

Bill Letter, used by 16 million, analyzes the basic information, smartphone use, and patterns and experiences of bill management of its user and then, reflects the needs of its user and communicate with him/her.

In addition to the invoice from SK Telecom, its user can check and manage about 100 kinds of invoices, including KT, LGU+, SK Broadbank, Hana Credit Card, Samsung Credit Card, City Gas, Seoul City Tax, Apartment Management Fee, and Cash Receipt, and each invoice is in different color so its user can acknowledge them at once.

It provides basic icons, for information, and color icons, for status. Color Icons are in 5 key colors – red, blue, violet, green, and orange – to specific its status.

Binding contents are provided from its main page. By modularizing tag binding contents based on a user’s interest, the user can receive necessary information, rather than irrelevant information.

Its user is allowed to make several payments at once. It supports the payment for various invoices, including SK Telecom, SK Broadband, and Samsung Credit Cart, in the same environment.

Using infographic, the detailed page show more detailed information about the invoice. The voice call, data, and text use are visualized using graphics so its user can intuitively check any change in them over 3 months.

As a user-oriented invoice, Bill Letter offers proper benefits and services, designed based on the consumption patterns of a user. It communicates with its user by binding practical contents and provides a customized menus and flow line.


  • Project Manager

    Kim Seonhye

    UX Designer

    Kim Hyeyeon, Kwon Seohyeon, Na Munyeong

    UI Designer

    Park Yeonghwa, Gwon Yohan, Lee Bulhwi

  • Front-end Developer

    Chae kyunghee

    Interaction Designer

    Kim Gisang, Yoo Jungsun