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A Different Beat – Transforming the Brand’s Philosophy into a User’s Valuable Experience

Jan, 2015
UX Concept Building, UI Concept Building, User Flow, Lo-Fi Prototyping, Wireframing, UI Design
HTML5, CSS, Web/App Accessibility, SEO

This Website (‘Experience Kia’), reflecting the brand essence ‘A Different Beat’ of Kia Motors, is aiming to communicate visitors of all ages on the values and visions of Kia Motors and share its pride. In addition, under the motif of ‘The Power to Surprise’, it has managed to provide new and surprising experiences so users could experience special values in their daily lives. Its Mobile First UI/UX was designed to allow its users could have same experiences in its web and app.

It took many hours for us to sort out contents suitable for PR of Kia Motors Brand in vast amount of raw materials, of 1.5TB. By creating a new independent PR channel, unlike in the past when information of Kia Motors was given in its various websites, it is now allowed to provide various information and differentiated contents from one source. It is constructed with ‘now’ for showing the presence of Kia Motors, ‘wow’ for showing the future of Kia Motors, and ‘Company’ for showing its business information, IR, and latest news.

‘Heart Beat by Design’ could be felt even from the first page of the website. The sketch of a car is transforming into an actual vehicle and getting started and such vibration is delivered to the entire screen, reflecting the vivid energy of KIA Motors.

We were trying to deliver the live and animated images (produced by Consortium From Video) in more wide and eye-capturing view. What we were aiming for was to deliver such active and animated brand image of KIA Motors to customers by showing these videos and images rather than explaining them in descr-iptive words about its vehicles, technologies, and business philosophies.


  • Project Manager

    Choi Seungil

    Creative Director

    Ko Kiejoo

    UX Designer

    Jang Taeyeon, Cho Eunhae, Cho Wonhee

    UI Designer

    Sim Minji, Kim Youngsun, Son Hyobin, Jeong Mijeong, Lee Jihyun

  • Front-end Developer

    Seo Younggyo, Bang Daeong, Kang Taejin, Kim Jeonggi

    Interaction Designer

    Lee Jaeho